Using the theme of Matthew 6:24, “no one can serve two masters,” we will assess the following: 1) The demand on people: People do have material needs to live, but second most important is their spiritual life. 2) The teaching of Jesus: Choose God or mammon. 3) The solution of Jesus: Believe in the God of mercy.

Archbishop Joseph Linh Chi Nguyen

Bishop Joseph Nguyen was born in November 1949 at Ba Lang in Thanh Hoa, Vietnam. In 1954, he moved, accompanied by his family, to South Vietnam. Due to political uprising in his homeland, he returned to his family and did many jobs to help support his parents until 1992, when he was ordained a priest. In 1995, Bishop Nguyen went abroad to study and graduate with a doctorate in Philosophy from the Institute Catholic de Paris. In 2003, he returned to Vietnam and taught at the Stella Maris Major Seminary in Nha Trang. On June 12, 2004 Pope John Paul II named him Bishop of the North Thanh Hoa Diocese.

REC17-7-70 Vietnamese Workshop: “No one can serve two masters”

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