How did Jesus do it? He met people and knew instantly what they needed. He was in tune with the soundtrack of their lives. Can we claim this in our own ministry with young people? Like the ever-changing music that teens listen to, Jesus’ message is also constant. Learn ways to incorporate the real needs of young people, honor their culture and tap into the music of their hearts to improve your ministry. Arrive at this workshop ready to laugh, listen, share and walk away with four proven strategies.

Anna Scally

Anna Scally, President of Cornerstone Media, is a columnist for their Top Music Countdown online resource and host of the audio show, “Burning Issues.” She received the National Youth Ministry Performer, Artist and Author of the Year Award from the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministry and serves on the Board of Directors for the National Youth Foundation USA. Scally has made over 2,300 public presentations at youth rallies, training events, retreats and adult education days as well as major conferences for religious educators in North America.

REC17-1-19 Same Lord, New Soundtrack: Their Music Is Telling Us What They Are Going Through ... Are You Listening?

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