“Father, will you hear my confession over Snapchat?” I get asked this question time and time again. With much of the world spending more time in front of their screens, Fr. Rob Galea will attempt to give answer to this question. In this workshop, you will receive a deeper understanding of the sacraments and how they become a powerful means of grace.

Fr. Rob Galea

Fr. Rob Galea serves in the Diocese of Sandhurst, Victoria, Australia. Apart from his series of recordings and CD releases, the singer/songwriter has also written a number of songs for various international conferences. Fr. Galea was selected to sing in the English version of the 2017 World Youth Day song, “Blessed Are The Merciful.” He is co-founder and Director of “Stronger,” a fast-growing regional youth movement.

REC17-7-10 Sacraments and Snapchat

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