• REC18-7-01 Persecution of Christians in the World Today

By now, virtually everyone acknowledges that Christians are victims of ISIS genocide in Iraq and Syria. What’s less well known is that the Middle East is hardly the only danger zones for Christians today. From India to North Korea, from Eritrea to Kenya and reaching even into Latin America, Christians today are by far the world’s most persecuted religious minority. John Allen, author of the “Global War on Christians,” will bring the stories of these suffering Christians, describe why it matters and also sketch what average Christians in the United States can do about it.

John Allen Jr.

John Allen Jr. is President and Editor of Crux, an independent Catholic news site in partnership with the Knights of Columbus, and Senior Vatican Analyst for CNN. He previously served as Associate Editor of the Boston Globe and Senior Correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter. Allen is author of 10 best-selling books and is a popular speaker internationally on Catholicism and the papacy. He divides his time between Rome and his home in Denver.

REC18-7-01 Persecution of Christians in the World Today

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