Are you responsible for preparing children for reconciliation and Eucharist? Music is the natural means for both praising God and learning the language of our faith. Join internationally renowned composer and educator John Burland as he explores liturgical catechesis that builds knowledge, increases participation in learning and moves children to full, conscious and active participation in the rites. This workshop will present a variety of engaging, age-appropriate songs with accompanying prayerful gestures for celebrating the sacraments of reconciliation and Eucharist. You will leave with more than one song in your heart!

John Burland

John Burland is an educator and composer of religious music and has written and recorded over 250 songs and published 14 music collections internationally. He is the Education Officer for Liturgy & Music for the Sydney Catholic Schools in Australia. Burland is also National Music Consultant for Bayard, Inc. During his extensive career, he has worked as a classroom teacher, principal and a Religious Education coordinator in school and parish communities. He is a regular speaker at conferences and gatherings across Australia, North America, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

REC17-1-04 Music for Celebrating Reconciliation and Eucharist with Children

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