Some try to make Mass more meaningful by explaining it. That’s easy when you can Google it, download it and put it on a PowerPoint. But catechists and liturgists do more than give information: We open hearts to Christ. To do this we need to be stewards of these mysteries, seeing life through a deep religious imagination. Through prayer, song, ritual and story, we’ll explore eight disciplines for expanding our symbolic vision so we can engage the disengaged at Sunday Mass, attract the uninterested to our best-kept secrets, and rekindle our own appreciation for the Mysteries of God.

Diana Macalintal

Diana Macalintal is Director of Worship for the Diocese of San Jose, Calif. She has been keynote at several gatherings, including the Mid-Atlantic Congress and the College¬ville Conference on Music, Liturgy and the Arts, in addition to her appearances at the L.A. Congress as prayer leader. Macalintal is author of four books. Her latest, “Joined by the Church, Sealed by a Blessing,” to help parishes prepare engaged couples for discipleship, she co-authored with her husband, Nick Wagner, with whom she co-founded Team¬RCIA.

REC17-7-17 Living Liturgically: Becoming Stewards of the Mysteries in a Search-Engine World

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