Paul is notoriously difficult to understand and is even more difficult to teach. The first difficulty is that we have confusing, and occasionally, contradictory information about Paul in our sources. To assess these sources , we will compare and contrast both sources. Then we will look at the earliest history of the church after Jesus’ Ascension to help us understand both what Paul tells us in his letters and what Acts tells us about Paul. There we will see how the stresses within the early Church about Gentile converts profoundly shaped both Paul and Acts.

Fr. William L. Burton, OFM

Fr. Bill Burton, a Franciscan friar of the Sacred Heart Province, began his 20-year teaching career at Quincy University and then DePaul University in Illinois. He is currently Professor of Scripture and a spiritual director at St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary in Boynton Beach, Fla. Fr. Burton has several published articles in The Bible Today and a DVD series. Outside the classroom, he has guided hundreds of pilgrims and students on study tours and pilgrimage travels throughout the Holy Land, Greece and Turkey.

REC17-7-04 How Do We Know What We Know About St. Paul and His Letters?

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