• REC18-1-14 Hope Is a Choice That Matters Today

Hope is a powerful emotion that arises from the most basic human longings – it is a life-sustaining force, rooted in relationship and our relationship with the future. Today, in our challenging and chaotic time, hope is more essential than ever. In our time together, we will explore the connection between reality, grief and hope, and how our thoughts and feelings create the energy of hope. Also, we will examine some core competencies to help us move beyond our personal and present limits to create a better world, and explore our call to be hope providers.

Lynn M. Levo, CSJ, PhD

Dr. Lynn Levo, a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet, is a lecturer and licensed consulting psychologist, based in Albany, N.Y. She has presented nationally and internationally on fostering healthy integrated sexuality, celibacy, relationships, intimacy, mutuality in community, and emotional intelligence. Sr. Levo has presented at the L.A. Congress and annually to five Inter-Community Novitiate programs in the United States. She also works with women’s congregations in France, Ireland, India and Africa.

REC18-1-14 Hope Is a Choice That Matters Today

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