The way Peter the Apostle is presented in the four Gospels, in the Acts of the Apostles and in his two Letters inspires a vision for leadership in the church. Pope Francis has taken up the legacy of Peter and has called the church to be renewed. This workshop will focus on five attributes of the church, learned by Peter and embraced by Francis today as he serves the church from Peter’s chair: 1) a church that is not afraid to be bold; 2) a church that takes up the cross; 3) a church that embraces mercy; 4) a church that welcomes all; 5) a church of missionary disciples.

Stephen J. Binz

Stephen Binz is a biblical scholar and award-winning author. He was founder and author of the Threshold Bible Study with Twenty-Third Publications. Binz has spoken at national gatherings, including the L.A. Congress, the Mid-Atlantic Congress, and the National Catholic Education Association. He has traveled the United States and Canada, offering keynote at diocesan conferences, parish missions and retreats, and he leads pilgrimages to the lands of the Bible and other sacred sites.

REC17-7-03 From Saint Peter to Pope Francis: How the First Pope Inspires Our Current Pope

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