American Catholics comprise just 7 percent of all Catholics in the world. Sociologist Tom Landy, founder of the new website Catholics & Cultures, illustrates surprising aspects of Catholic life, including charismatic Catholicism and popular devotions in countries as diverse as Uganda, Argentina, Norway, Israel, China and the Philippines. This multimedia session will provide examples of the vitality of Catholic life around the world, and show how Americans can better assess their own situations. Participants will leave with resources and discussion ideas to bring back to their parishes about how culture is shaped by Catholic experience around the world.

Thomas M. Landy

Sociologist Tom Landy is Director of the Rev. Michael C. McFarland, S.J. Center for Religion, Ethics and Culture at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass., where he also is a lecturer in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. With his primary research in global Catholicism, he founded and leads research for the web-based initiative Catholics & Cultures. Landy also founded in 1992 the Collegium, a consortium of 65 Catholic colleges and universities in the United States and Canada.

REC17-7-13 Expressions of Catholic Life in a Global Church

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