The Church allows for lay preaching in certain contexts. However, formation for these lay ministers in the area of preaching is a must. Even our U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops offers an instruction on lay preaching. This workshop is designed to give an introduction to the when, where and how of lay preaching. It will provide a brief overview of the legalities associated with lay preaching and a model for planning and facilitating a preached reflection for retreats, prayer services, parish missions and other opportunities for lay preachers. Dr. Josephine Lombardi will conclude with a demonstration using a model she has designed for lay preachers.

Josephine Lombardi, PhD

Dr. Josephine Lombardi is an author, retreat leader and workshop presenter who has worked in a variety of ministries. She is currently Associate Professor of Pastoral and Systematic Theology, Professor of Field Education, and Director of Lay Formation at St. Augustine’s Seminary in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. Dr. Lombardi has worked in television and radio and has hosted a weekly radio show on the New Evangelization. Her book, “Experts in Humanity,” has been well received and featured on Salt and Light Television.

REC17-7-16 Encountering Christ in Lay Preaching

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