Today our lives are bombarded by the images on TV, computers and our mobile devices. How many times have you heard someone say, “I am a visual learner”? But, in this digital age, aren’t we all “visual learners”? This workshop will explore the role images and video have in learning today, as well as provide tips for how we create, curate and utilize images and videos in sharing faith with all generations of Catholics.

Charlotte McCorquodale, PhD

Louisiana-native Dr. Charlotte McCorquodale is currently President of Ministry Training Source. Dr. McCorquodale’s professional career in Catholic youth ministry and lay ecclesial ministry has spanned three decades, serving in parish, school, diocesan and university ministry settings. She serves as an international educator, researcher and consultant for the fields of lay ecclesial ministry, certification standards and processes, youth ministry and e-learning. Her recognitions include receiving the 2002 National Youth Ministry Award from the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry.

REC17-7-20 Digital Media and Ministry: New Tools for Sharing Faith

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