• REC18-1-17 Ascent to Jerusalem, Ascent to Holiness

Jerusalem is the holy city in Judaism and Christianity. In this session, we will look at the history and place of Jerusalem in Judaism and Christianity and how the real city became so important to the faith of both religions. Jerusalem is vital to our respective spiritual lives. We will explore how Jerusalem animates our faith.

Rabbi Michael Mayersohn

Rabbi Michael Mayersohn is a Reform Rabbi who teaches the Bible, both Hebrew and New Testament, offering Jewish insights into Sacred Scriptures. Rabbi Mayersohn has spoken and taught as a rabbi, and from 2003 until the present, has spoken at over 20 churches in Orange County, San Diego and Arizona teaching Jewish roots of Christianity and Bible studies. He has presented at the Religious Education Congress since 2010. His latest book is entitled, “I Was There: The Jewish Olive Grower Who Knew Jesus.”

REC18-1-17 Ascent to Jerusalem, Ascent to Holiness

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