A new U.S. President and a new Congress mean changes in vision, mission and priorities for our country. What are the implications for us as disciples of Jesus? As Catholics? As leaders in the ministry and service of our parish communities? For the next four years, who will be the most needy in our communities? This workshop will explore some of those possibilities, and help us fashion a way forward that continues to be prophetic and faithful to our mission to serve others after the example of Jesus.

Fr. Allan Figueroa Deck, SJ, PhD, STD

Rev. Allan Deck, a Jesuit priest, is Professor of Catholic Social Values and Professor of Theology at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Recognized nationally and internationally as an expert in Hispanic pastoral care in the United States, he has spent almost 40 years serving the Church as administrator of a Latin parish, diocesan director of Hispanic pastoral care in Orange County, Calif., and as advisor to the California Bishops and the U.S. Catholic Bishops conferences. Father Deck is founder of the Hispanic Institute at the Jesuit School of Teleology in Berkeley, Calif., and of the Loyola Institute for Spirituality in Orange, Calif; and co-founder of the Hispanic Theology Academy.

REC17-4-14 A New President: In Conflict or Harmony with the Gospels?

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