Did you know that Judaism is much more than the religion of the Hebrew Bible? Did you know that Jews have sacred literature beyond the Hebrew Bible ? Did you know that Jews mean something completely different than Christians when speaking of the Messiah, sin, redemption, salvation, repentance and forgiveness? Come and question, learn and explore with Rabbi Michael Lotker, author of “A Christian’s Guide to Judaism.”

Rabbi Michael Lotker

Rabbi Michael Lotker spent the bulk of his first career as president of a variety of alternative energy companies, working in wind power, solar and geothermal energy. In 2003, he was ordained as a rabbi at Hebrew Union College in Los Angeles. He presently is the Community Rabbi for the Jewish Federation of Ventura County, Calif., and was recently invited to be a Guest Chaplain at the U.S. House of Representatives. In addition to his studies, Rabbi Lotker teaches widely on topics relating to religion and science, Jewish theology, interfaith dialogue and spirituality.

REC17-1-16 What Every Serious Christian Should Know About Judaism

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