• REC16-7-14  What Does the Bible Really Say About “Mercy”?

We so often pray, “Kyrie eleison” or “Lord, have mercy.” But what does the Bible really say about the mercy of God? How does Jesus show God’s mercy, through his life, his teachings and his actions? And how do the Sacred Scriptures challenge us to put mercy into practice concretely today? This workshop will explore the biblical themes of mercy, compassion, pity, forgiveness and kindness. It will help us better know what we are asking for when we pray for God’s mercy, and how God also expects us to act mercifully toward others.

Fr. Felix Just, SJ, PhD

Fr. Felix Just is Executive Director of the Loyola Institute for Spirituality in Orange, Calif. He has taught at all three Jesuit universities in California – the University of San Francisco, Santa Clara and Loyola Marymount. Fr. Just conducts many adult faith formation programs for parishes and dioceses, leads biblically based days of prayer, parish missions and weekend or week-long retreats. He has seven audio-lecture programs with Now You Know Media and maintains a large, internationally recognized website of “Catholic resources.”

REC16-7-14 What Does the Bible Really Say About “Mercy”?

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