• REC16-7-24  The Heart and Soul of Unity for Couples

Our experience of authentic happiness in married life corresponds to the level of unity that we live as spouses. Unity is a gift from God that requires our daily commitment to a Trinitarian lifestyle. In this presentation, Dr. John Yzaguirre integrates psychological and spiritual approaches necessary for a Trinitarian lifestyle, where we welcome each other with compassionate acceptance, practice unconditional self-giving and prioritize a life of communion and mutuality. When we are united as Jesus wants, we experience the fullness of joy for which we are searching.

Dr. John Yzaguirre

Dr. John Yzaguirre is a psychologist and author specializing in family life and Catholic spirituality. He co-directs the California Prosocial Institute with his wife, Claire Frazier-Yza

REC16-7-24 The Heart and Soul of Unity for Couples

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