• REC16-7-13  Can Man Live Without God?

Can man live without God? Yes, in a physical sense, but is it reasonable? No, because you cannot build a coherent ethical foundation without first establishing the purpose and destiny of human life. If life is meaningless and absurd, why should ethics serve any purpose except my own? Why should I subject myself to anyone else’s moral convictions? In our search for morality and happiness outside of God, we have effectively lost all three – God, morality and happiness.

Darrell Hall

Darrell Hall is the former Principal at St. Thomas More Collegiate in Burnaby, British Colombia, Canada. He has taught religious education for 35 years and has spoken at national conferences across Canada, including the Catholic Educator’s Conference, Catholic Christian Outreach’s “Rise Up” conferences, and Reverence for Life conferences, in addition to various parishes, senior high schools and retreats. Hall has published a book on Christian apologetics entitled, “I Am Convinced: God, the Truth and You.”

REC16-7-13 Can Man Live Without God?

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